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Changelogs 11/16/2016

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  • War of Emperium
    • Opened castles will be set to 2
    • Old castles will remain to owner but they are not allowed to enter any time.
  • Remittance System
    • You can now check your character log where/when did you sent your zeny and you can also check the tracking id as long as it still not claimed.
  • Monthly Rankings
    • Top 1 in the rankings will receive rewards every 1st of the month. Rewards will be sent vial mail box. Effectiveness will start on December 1,2016.
    • Guild Points Rankings = 40,000,000z and 1 Class S Costume Box
    • Emperium Breaking Rankings = 15,000,000z and 1 Class S Costume Box
  • Christmas Prontera Theme
  • Server major backup.
  • Person who did the most damage to a monster can get the item for 10 seconds.
  • Fixed Last Man Standing.
  • New NPC Locations
    • Stop Post Quest = ┬ámoc_ruins(113,181)
    • Binoculars Quest = moc_ruins(118,176)
  • New Automated Events
    • Lost Monster
  • Christmas Quest

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