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Post for a code

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When: November 25,2016 GMT+8
What: Post for a Code
Where: Facebook or Twitter
Awarding Date: November 26,2016



  1. Login your account on twitter or Facebook.
  2. Post your best character image with the caption below. (Must be view-able via public post)
  3. In your post, don't forget to write one of your account character name.
  4. On the "Awarding Date" we will send a code to your account email that contains random rewards.



Join Chaos RO now... Available on PC and Android.
Register now @

#PostforaCode #ChaosRO #WeDevGames #ILOVECHAOSRO

- In-Game Name


Take Note: Better update your account to have a valid emails in yahoo, gmail, rocketmail and etc. 
If you don't update your accounts with non valid email before awarding date, You will not receive your account code.


Reward List:

  • 300% Battle Manual x 3 ~ Available Codes = 40% 
  • Class S Costume Box x 1 ~ Available Codes = 10%
  • Elite Siege Potion Box x 5 ~ Available Codes = 50%


Note: Availability of codes will depend on the total post percentage.

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